Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting it right

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

Renovations were the last thing I thought about when I bought my new home. I was more concerned about how bug the yard was and all the cabinet space in the kitchen. Once I moved in, though, I realized that the faucets were leaky, the deck needed replacing and the wallpaper in the bathroom was half rotted!

Thankfully I had signed up for clear wireless internet  so it was really easy to look up the techniques I needed to know in order to get the projects done. While I was at it, I looked into some d├ęcor ideas as well that included faux finishes on the walls, painting techniques for the outside of the house and even a gilding technique that I plan ! to use on the bannisters. I’m really excited about all the progress I’ve made and how my house is starting to feel like a home.

I never imagined being a homeowner would be so much work but it’s definitely some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done!